Dogmatix the Scottish Terrier Tote (black)

Color: Black
Sale price$15.99


Sterling may do all the talking (and all the hard work) while On Location, but we know in our hearts that the Dogmatix and Beatrix are the real stars of the show. So feel free to adorn yourself with some swag to show the world that small, dignified, loyal and brave are essential qualities for any adventurer – canine or human.

Clearly the designers of these On Location tote bags were inspired by Sterling - tough and strong, ready to go, always up for an adventure, timeless, trendy, and dependable. It can be a grocery bag, a picnic bag, a dog park bag, a diaper bag, or just a "scrunch stuff in and grab real quick" bag! Features artwork on both sides.

  • Black color
  • Black or Yellow color strap option
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Maximum weight limit – 44lbs (20kg)
  • Large inside pocket
  • Comfortable cotton webbing handles
  • Vibrant print that won't fade
  • Available in one size

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