There's a big world of outdoor adventures, my friends! Full of places to go, things to do, vistas to enjoy, and snacks to share with your favorite furkid. Look around our website and check out some epic adventures we’ve found for you. It’s all here at On Location, just waiting for you to get outside, grab on, and go exploring.

Every week on the Destination America channel, experienced outdoorsman Sterling reveals yet another little-known but always awesome activity that you can participate in even if you’re not a super athlete. Most of the activities Sterling tries when filming On Location are things he’s never done before. But with the right gear, a helpful guide, an enthusiasm for new experiences, and the moral support of his canine sidekick and best buddy Dogmatix, nothing is impossible.


Not only have Sterling and Dogmatix been to some really cool locations and experienced some very exciting adventures, they have also approved a variety of official On Location swag available for fans!

And do you want know a little secret? The best part about our merchandise? We don't make a big deal out of it, but our favorite host and experienced outdoorsman Sterling is also an accomplished artist. All the graphics and illustrations available on the On Location swag? He drew them. 

So look around. Check out all the cool stuff we have to offer. Read the latest from Sterling and Dogmatix. Ask questions. Make comments. Suggest new destinations and experiences. Thanks for visiting!

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