Dogmatix the Scottish Terrier Mug (multiple sizes)

Size: 11oz
Sale price$8.99


Sterling may do all the talking (and all the hard work) while On Location, but we know in our hearts that the Dogmatix and Beatrix are the real stars of the show. So feel free to adorn yourself with some swag to show the world that small, dignified, loyal and brave are essential qualities for any adventurer – canine or human.

Coffee, soup, tea, hot chocolate, whatever your favorite adventure drink (Sterling takes his black), you gotta have a mug. And while we’re at it, the perfect mug should be unique, easy to handle, and it ought to bring you happy thoughts to go with your tummy-warming liquid. This On Location custom mug is just what the universe had in mind when mugs were first invented. Our bold, signature graphic can be found on either side, so it doesn't matter what hand you hold your mug with, you'll always be able to gaze upon it! 

  • 11oz and 15oz sizes
  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy

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