On Location canine sidekick Dogmatix celebrates his 8th birthday!

Dogmatix, the famous Scottish Terrier sidekick on the outdoor adventure show On Location, turned 8 years old on December 26th, 2019!

To celebrate the day he and the show's host, Sterling Fiock, traveled to the Oregon Coast to enjoy some hiking trails and run around in circles on the sand. As you can see, a fun albeit wet and dirty time was had by all! 

Successfully visiting the coast with your furkid can take some planning, and below we offer some safety tips to take into consideration.

What follows is a condensed re-publication of an article originally shared by our friends over at Animal Planet

1) Bring plenty of fresh, cool water and a doggie bowl. Offer refills liberally, and on warm days make sure that the water does not get hot in the sun.

2) Also on hot days, remember that the sand can be scorching on sensitive paws, so provide a blanket or towel for your dog's comfort when he takes a break from romping in the surf.

3) Follow the rules of the beach, which can often be found online or posted near the parking area. These can include:

  • Cleaning up after your dog. 
  • Supervising your dog at all times.
  • Have your dog wear a collar and ID tags.
  • Stay current on vaccinations and licenses.

4) While your dog is having his carefree splash in the sea, keep an eye out for beach hazards. This could include sneaker waves, rip tides, driftwood and jellyfish. 

5) It's always smart to have a doggie day pack in your vehicle, which should include a first aid kit, treats, poop bags, perhaps some bottled water from home and if so desired some wipes for his paws.

6) Finally, for your own peace of mind, bring a thick blanket and plenty of towels to line the car seat where your dog sits for the ride home. Your dog will probably fall asleep on the way home, your own reward for a fun, safe, happy beach day.

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Shari Sandahl

Shari Sandahl

Traveling with a pet requires extra effort but the situations they encounter for you can definitely add to the adventure!

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