Plant Your Flag iPhone Cases (liquid glitter)

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According to Dogmatix, the real secret to happiness is to simply get up, go forth, explore, experience, and enjoy. Sterling agrees. And that doesn’t mean having to travel around the world to exotic locations. No matter where you live there are probably ten different, unusual, and even amazing experiences you could explore within a 75-mile radius for a convenient and memorable day trip. It may take some searching, but that’s what On Location is all about.

Some people like a little pizzazz on their accessories, and if you are part of that crowd these iPhone cases are for you. Sterling understands, and Dogmatix totally gets it. Why go for the ordinary when you can be extra? Bold eye-catching graphics against a liquid glitter background really makes your phone sparkle. And while no case can make your phone totally immune to damage, our case can at least help remind you to be more careful and less of a butterfingers.

  • Liquid Glitter background
  • Several phone models available
  • 100% thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Shockproof back case cover
  • Precisely aligned port openings
  • Easy to take on and off