Sterling Apron (black or white)

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Ready for anything, happy to lend a helping hand, and always ready for a new adventure. That’s our Sterling. As an Eagle Scout, experienced outdoorsman and host of On Location, Sterling knows the value of equipping yourself with the right gear for the situation. When you gear up with this Sterling-approved swag, you’re telling the world that you agree with the On Location “Three B’s”:  Be prepared. Be smart. Be open to new experiences.

At home, on the trail, working a tailgate party or tending grill in the backyard, this awesomely embroidered apron is not merely very classy and spiffy, it’s practical as well. An absolute must if you haven’t yet perfected Sterling's secret grill master “three patty sequential flip” maneuver. Although Dogmatix says to keep on trying because he’s always got room for another snack.

  • Well crafted embroidery on either a white or black fabric
  • Unisex style
  • 70% polyester/30% cotton
  • Adjustable neck loop and long ties
  • Two front pockets
  • Fabric weight: 9.0 oz